What Is Omega 3 Good For?

Many people wonder what is omega 3 good for?  It’s my hope that this site will teach you about Omega 3, explain what is Omega 3, and what Omega 3 is good for.  A lot of what I have posted here, I learned from the excellent book Omega 3 Secrets, which I highly recommend you grab a copy of.

Firstly, what are Omega 3s?

What is Omega 3 good for? - Omega 3 rich foods

Omega 3 rich foods

Omega 3 is a family of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, or PUFA’s for short, which the human body needs, but cannot produce on its own.  Because of this, it’s become very common to eat large amounts of fish, or take fish oil supplements, as fish oil is known to be very rich in Omega 3.  However, you need to be very careful, as fish tend to contain large amounts of hazardous chemicals from the over-polluted waters, which are just as dangerous for us humans as they are for fish.

What Is Omega 3 Good For?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Omega 3 is, I’d like to talk more about what is omega 3 good for.  There are many benefits of Omega 3.

For one thing, Omega 3 is good for the brain.  Did you know that your brain’s fat consists of more than 60% DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is one of the Omega-3 fatty acids?  It’s no wonder that many people call fish “brain food.”  Many studies suggest that Omega 3′s enhance brain performance, in adults and children alike.  Omega 3 has also been suggested as a treatment option for ADD/ADHD, again in children and adults.  Similarly, it’s thought that Omega 3 is good for your memory.

Omega 3 is also good for blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.  Less cholesterol and triglycerides means less plaque build-up in your arteries.  In turn, that means blood can flow through your veins and arteries more freely, which translates into lower blood pressure.

This also means that there is less of a chance of blod clots moving through your body which could have potentially ended up in your heart or brain causing tumors or, worse, death.

Omega 3 also promotes proper bone health.  If you’re taking calcium supplements to maintain proper bone density, or as a preventage measure or treatment to osteoporosis, then Omega 3 can be a great way to complement the treatment.

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