Brain Fog

Do you suffer from brain fog. Are your thoughts scattered around and you have a hard time concentrating? Sometimes do you forget where you are or maybe some of your friends and family’s names? It’s a little frightening when it seems you cannot remember what your schedule is for the day. When your next doctors appointment is or if the cleaning lady is coming today or next week.

Maybe you are forgetting what you have planned on doing later that day. Or going into the kitchen and not remembering why you did it. I know we all do that. It doesn’t mean you are getting Alzheimer’s, but many are afraid that they are. I think if you are alert enough to realize you are becoming forgetful, that means you are still doing good.

As we get older, our memories are so full of so many events and schedules that we do sometimes start forgetting things. Once we start noticing we are forgetting more and more, we start to worry. What do we worry about? Older people are scared to death of getting Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a terrible devastating disease that many get. If you have someone in your family tree that is blood related that has suffered with Alzheimer’s, you may want to take steps early in life to help prevent getting it yourself. There is never a guarantee you won’t get it, but why not take preventive measures to help yourself out.

Taking omega 3 supplements or getting enough in your diet like the people living in Iceland do, may prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s disease. It has been known to work wonders for improving memory, helping people to stay more alert and keeping an over all sharper memory.

People with children who have ADD have given omega 3 to their children and saw remarkable improvement in their attention spans and their grades.

It is hard to get enough omega 3 from our American diet. We don’t overly consume fish like people living in Iceland do. In Iceland they reap many benefits from eating cold water oily fish many times a week.

Along with aging come stiff joints, poor circulation and heart problems. Adding omega 3 to your diet will help prevent or treat these problems. It thins your blood, helps out with swelling of arthritis, and even helps your skin appear younger.

Fish oil omega 3 contains EPA and DHA which are key ingredients to us maintaining our good health of our younger years. Our bodies are unable to make EPA or DHA so we must get it from our diet. The plant type omega 3 contains ALA which our bodies do convert to EPA and DHA.

Taking omega 3 is good for your heart, your sight and eye health. It’s good for your brain, your joints, your immune system and as I pointed out already your skin.

Taking a simple caplet 3 times a day containing 1 gram of omega 3 can give you such a better life in the years that many are starting to show so many illness. You may have a longer active life just because you took 3 pills a day or a once a day pill that dissolves slowly.

Why not look ahead and think about how you want to remain healthy for your entire life and start on a daily routine of getting your omega 3.

You can find omega 3 in the medical area of your supermarket, at your pharmacy or at a health food store. It’s easy to find and easy to take.

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