Can Omega 3 Help You Feel Better?

When you pop a pill containing omega 3 or start eating more cold water oily fish, will you feel better? That’s a hard question to answer. I guess if you are experiencing some sort of problem that it may directly help, it could, but I really have my doubts. I did have one person tell me how giving their child omega 3 helped them start paying more attention and improve their grades in school. That is one example of an obvious result.

Most of the time, you start taking omega 3 supplements before the symptoms show up. My mother was just in the hospital. She was having very much trouble breathing. She struggled to breathe whenever she tried to do something too much. Just walking to the bathroom got her out of breath. Her doctor sent her to the hospital emergency where after running numerous test, she was admitted. They were checking her heart, checking her for cancer, and taking lots of blood out of her. They finally found that she had blood clots in her lungs. Not just one blood clot, but numerous blood clots and in both lungs. She was instantly hooked up to a blood thinner drip and remained in the hospital for a few days. Once they felt it was safe to allow her to go home and take blood thinners at home, she was released.

In the case of my mom, she did take fish oil capsules. Isn’t fish oil, a good source of omega 3, suppose to thin your blood? The answer to that is yes. The problem was my mom felt like she was taking enough of the omega 3 by only taking one capsule a day. She should have been taking 3. One was not enough. I think we are all guilty of not getting enough of a healthy thing if it has not been prescribed by the doctor. Taking more of the omega 3 as recommended a day should have kept her blood from clotting too much. It should have kept her cholesterol and triglycerides under control in her blood stream. It also helps prevent thickening of the arteries. All of these would have been good for her. She is now on a prescription blood thinner. She will have to talk with her doctor before taking the omega 3 now. Too much blood thinning agents can cause excessive bleeding.

The conclusion is this, had mom been taking the right amount of omega 3 all along, she may have been able to avoid this hospital visit. She may have never developed serious blood cloths like she did, and she would have never been scared like she was.

This is just some examples of how omega 3 in your diet helps you. There are many other diseases or conditions it can help with. The whole idea is to start it now before you start having all these problems. Then there is hope that none of the usual health problems of life will affect you. Get some omega 3 supplements at your grocery, drug store or online.

Make sure you get on the road to better health and being a healthier adult as you age by getting ample omega 3 in your diet.

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