English Walnuts

English walnuts have many healthy benefits to them. Do you know if you are eating black walnuts or English ones? The English walnuts have the polyunsaturated fat in them called, omega 3.

The black walnuts have a stronger taste and the shells are very hard to crack. My grandmother use to place them in her driveway and run the car over them to crack their shells. They also will stain your hands where the English walnut doesn’t. The English walnuts shell is much easier to crack and people enjoy the milder flavor over the Black walnuts.

Typically, most people are eating the English walnut. These are the ones you will find in your grocery store. Sometimes they will be already cracked open and in bags ready to eat or use in a recipe. They are great to use to add a little extra nutrients to bake goods.

English walnuts will give you a healthy dose of omega 3, the essential fatty acid that is linked to helping prevent many health issues. Only 3 whole walnuts a day is required to meet your daily requirement. What a tasty way to get your omega 3.

Some of the benefits omega 3 has been know to give is helping keep your blood thinner so it flows better carrying oxygen to all your cells and organs of your body. This will help keep your heart healthier, help prevent strokes, and also help prevent blood clots. Omega 3 is also good for preventing high blood pressure, dementia, inflammation such as arthritis, cancer and it can even keep your bones stronger. Omega 3 can also help you lower your cholesterol possibly without taking drugs. That is a goal of mine. To manage my health without a counter top full of drugs. Natural vitamins and supplements are one thing, but these bottles of high priced prescriptions with side effects are not wanted.

Walnuts as a snack can be a little high in calories. A hand full of cracked open walnuts could possibly be around 200 calories. When you stop and look at some of the other snacks you eat, this really isn’t so bad. They do have polyunsaturated fats/omega 3, but those are the good fats. Just remember, too much fat of any type will make you gain weight.

If you are suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, bone loss, arthritis, why not try a natural, delicious way to help out your body without turning to drugs.

As with anything we eat or medicines we take, you don’t want to over do it. As I said before, 3 walnuts a day is enough. When you resort to trying to take more thinking if a little helps, maybe more will help quicker, then you could suffer side effects. Some of the side effects maybe, diarrhea, gas like bloating of the stomach and weight gain. You could also be allergic.

Eating English walnuts is a good way to get your omega 3, just be smart about it.

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