Hey Mom! Omega 3 Is Good For Me!

I have been a supporter of omega 3 now for about 5 years or so. I take it daily myself. When I was getting myself together for the day recently, I was never more surprised than when my 23 year old son walked by the bathroom and announced he was taking omega 3. He told me he had been taking it for quite a while. Then he goes on to tell me how it helps out your heart, your muscles and your joints. He was a very active soccer player, even got a chance to play for college. Now he has a degree in criminal justice and still pushes himself to be physically fit by lifting weights and running. He is also doing a very tough workout program that many  have difficulty doing. All of this results in sore muscles and joint pain.

After chatting about how the omega 3 helps people, I also named a few more ways it helps. We also talked about how many types of fish oil can leave a flavor in your mouth after taking it. He agreed about that stating he had taken some that were horrible but now the ones he is taking say no fish taste. This son of mine just continues to make me a proud mom.

Through the 5  years I have been a supporter of omega 3, I have co-authored a book about it, written weekly on two blogs and even have discussion groups set up in other areas online.

It always seems like family typically doesn’t pay a lot of attention to what I have to say about things, so I help others out. I have spoken to my two daughters and my 26 year old son about the benefits of omega 3, but seem to have been brushed off. I told them how giving children omega 3 helps out with their ability to concentrate and it helps with the growth of their brains. Two of my grandchildren do have a little difficulty with the attention part, they are both in school now, but as far as I know, they are not taking the omega 3 vitamins. Parents always think kids will out grow the problem, and they most likely will, but sometimes they need a little help. If you have a child who is having difficulty in school, try giving them omega 3 for children. It could help.

As far as chatting with my husband or my 23 year old son about the benefits of omega 3, I didn’t feel I would get anywhere. My husband doesn’t plan on being a big pill taker. I do manage to get him to take a general vitamin for men, calcium and a potassium pill daily. Then for acid reflux he takes a pill every other day, that is why I put him on calcium. Those acid reflux pills are said to damage your bones. I know there is no way I would get three more pills of omega 3 down him a day.

Then my 23 year old son, he’s at the age it’s better he figured it out for himself. How he did that, I don’t know but I am happy. He has started a life long thing that could keep him a healthy adult. Help him maintain the healthy person he has always worked to be.

I hope more people are finding out how great the benefits of omega 3 are. Maybe I should try just getting one pill down my husband a day. It would be nice. A little is better than nothing.

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